PCPC - Polonian Cultural and Pastoral Center


Polonian Cultural and Pastoral Center (PCPC) was formally incorporated in Sacramento, California on 22nd of October, 1985. The founding members of the new Polish organization were: Stanislaw Rowinski – President, father Leon Juchniewicz – vice-President, Eugeniusz Grellus – Treasurer and George Johnson – Secretary.

The original members that started PCPC were Polish immigrants that were the activists of Solidarity movement in Poland. They were imprisoned by the communist government which declared the martial law in December of 1981. Eventually they were forced to choose between emigration and lengthy prison terms. Here in California they were joined by other Polish immigrants that after long months in the refugee camps of Austria and Germany, thanks to the actions of the president Ronald Reagan, were offered asylum in the USA.

During the first few years PCPC had searched for a permanent home while raising the funds to purchase own property. Thanks to the generosity of the PCPC members and supporters the organization bought a property with a building that was suitable for adaptation as a chapel. The building was totally renovated by the members and friends of PCPC who, with a great joy and enthusiasm, performed most of the work on their own. The chapel was remodeled to meet the religious requirements, the rest of the building was also renovated and the new fence and gate were erected. PCPC officially inaugurated its new home on October 27, 1991 and on April 10, 1995 the chapel was consecrated by the Most Reverend Bishop William K. Weigand of the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento.

Over the next 20 years PCPC grew into a well organized and skillfully managed organization serving Polish-Americans of the Sacramento region. More projects were completed like a new parking, enlargement of the social hall and new kitchen and bathrooms. PCPC created a second home for many Polish-Americans where they can celebrate religious holidays and also have fun and meet friends. There are many events throughout a year like picnics, entertainment, dancing, dinners or meetings with interesting people.     

Our organization has been blessed by membership of Polish-Americans of all ages. As the original members are approaching the age of retirement, we are happy to welcome young families still arriving from Poland. In this new world, the young Polish immigrants are no longer desperate refugees but arrive well educated, speaking English with god job offers waiting for them. We are so delighted to see the front pews of our chapel during the Sunday mass filled with young children and teenagers. PCPC fully supports the local chapter of ZHP (Polish scouts) which have been very influential in molding new generation of patriotic Polish-Americans. We organized weekly classes of Polish language for the youngest among us and we are happy to see that our children, born in America, perform in Polish language during special celebrations of patriotic holidays.   

Currently the organization is preparing the chapel for the official welcoming of the relics of the blessed John Paul II. At the beginning of this year PCPC petitioned Cardinal Dziwisz in Krakow, Poland and was granted a relic of a drop of blood of our Polish Pope. We are completing a total remodel of the interior of the chapel with a new main altar, two new side altars, tile flooring and new pews. Many elements like tabernacle and new paintings were custom ordered in Poland. One of the side altars will be dedicated to the blessed John Paul II with the relics appropriately displayed. This event will take place on December 8, 2013.


As we approach the 30th anniversary in just two years, we look forward into the future with passion and confidence. We have many more plans and aspirations for our organization and our center. We are confident that the younger generations are fully capable of taking over and carrying this mission.